A Cardiovascular, Strength, Endurance and Power Based Workout

With you in control of the intensity, this class is designed to inspire and motivate you to work to the best of your ability.

It’s fun, low impact and a great way to burn calories.


Increases muscular strength and endurance and improves cardiovascular fitness.

Available at both St Peter’s Leisure Centre and Padiham Leisure Centre.

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An on-screen fitness adventure led by a virtual instructor who will take you on a journey through breath-taking scenery. Cycle through beautiful worldwide locations and take in the views! Strap in, pedal hard and sweat your way to victory.

Connect Ride

This class uses visualised data. Saddle up and take on your fellow classmates to meet group targets, win team battles and achieve personal bests. Accompanied by great music and healthy competition, it’s a great environment to achieve your fitness goals.

Coach by Colour

A class to improve your riding experience and help you achieve your fitness goals quicker. We combine accurate power training zones with stimulating colour to help keep your effort levels up during a workout.

ICG Classic

Our original group cycling class that makes your goals achievable. Nothing complicated, just great music that gets your legs pedalling and burns calories.

Virtual Studio Coach

A ride that uses a virtual coach to instruct, encourage and challenge you to ride through a class to the best of your ability.

Virtual Tour Coach

Let our virtual instructor immerse you in breath-taking scenery during a ride where you’ll be coached and pushed to your limits.

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