Culture Burnley Awards 2024

The inaugural Culture Burnley Awards will take place on 5th September 2024


The inaugural Culture Burnley Awards will take place on 5th September 2024. The aim of the Awards is to celebrate Burnley’s cultural organisations and individuals, providing them with a high-profile platform and showcase.

Nominations will open on 1st April and close on 22nd June 2024. There are eight award categories which you can nominate for:

Award Categories


Youth Award

Do you know, or have you worked with a young person who shows significant talent and potential within the cultural and creative sector? This award is for outstanding 13 – 25 year olds who are tipped to be the cultural stars of the future in any discipline.

Promotion of Talent Award

For those behind the scenes who are role models, giving their time and energy either paid or unpaid, to teach and support others to develop their cultural and creative skills.

Cultural Partnership Award

To recognise outstanding collaborations between culture and any other sector(s) for example education, commercial, leisure and health that are delivering cultural projects, events or activities.

Community Award

For individuals, groups or organisations who are actively working to support communities and help them to overcome barriers through cultural and creative activities

Event Award

For an outstanding cultural festival, performance or event in any cultural discipline that has taken place between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2024.

Independent Creative Award

For cultural and creative individuals in any field who are creating excellent, original work and / or supporting and influencing the development of culture in Burnley.

Cultural Organisation Award

For organisations of any size that are delivering inspirational and innovative cultural and creative activity. Includes museums, galleries, dance schools, music schools, heritage organisations, educational establishments and more, that are delivering cultural programmes.

Volunteer Award

To recognise the valuable contribution of those who volunteer their time to support or deliver cultural experiences. Open to any age and any discipline.

Nominee criteria

Nominees must be Burnley based or have delivered work in Burnley that has made a significant impact. Nominations must relate to activity which has taken place between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2024. People and organisations nominated must have been active in the category nominated in Burnley, during this same period. For these awards, nominees must be involved in one or more of the following areas:

  • heritage
  • visual art (all forms – painting, drawing / illustration, sculpture, textile art, glasswork and more)
  • music and singing
  • theatre
  • performance
  • dance
  • film and broadcast media
  • literature (including poetry, spoken word etc.)
  • digital art
  • photography
  • craft and creativity
  • cultural education
  • production, direction, other “behind the scenes” roles.

Submit your Nomination

Click or drag files to this area to upload.

You can upload up to 3 files.

Up to 3 photographs which support the nomination, maximum file size per image 2MB.
Reason for nomination

This should be a strong argument for why the nominee deserves to win. Please use bullet points and cover the following areas:

– What the person/group/organisation does.

– What their most significant achievements or contributions have been in the timeframe.

– What impact they have had and why they deserve to win.

– Any challenges that they have overcome.

– If your nomination is for the event award category, please include the date(s) that the event took place and what made the event outstanding, how many people were involved, what was its impact and its legacy?

Tips for nominating

We want to help you to make your nomination as good as possible, so here are some tips.

  • The awards are about celebrating the best in Burnley’s Culture, make sure that any nominations relate directly to Burnley.
  • Read through the criteria and make sure that you select the most appropriate category. You can apply to more than one category, but answers must be tailored to the category and not just copied and pasted from one nomination form to another.
  • Make sure that you give yourself the time needed to write a good argument for why your nominee deserves to win. Be specific, we want to understand what sets your nominee apart from others. We expect to get a lot of entries, so if a strong and clear case isn’t presented, any additional evidence may not be reviewed by the panel.
  • Choose any supporting evidence carefully. Should the nominee be shortlisted, the images supplied will be used in print and digital media for the ceremony, make sure there are no restrictions that would prevent this.
  • Double check any contact details are correct and that you’ve included everything you need to before you submit.



Who can submit a nomination?

Nominations can be submitted by individuals or representatives of groups or organisations. We will not accept nominations for individuals from family members. 

Do I need to pay to submit an entry to the awards?

No, there is no cost to submit a nomination.

Who can I nominate?

Eligible nominees must either be based or delivering work in Burnley. Burnley refers to the borough, so can include Padiham and the villages within the Burnley boundary. 

Nominations must relate to activity which has taken place between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2024. People and organisations nominated must have been active in the category nominated in Burnley, during this same period. We’re sorry but anything relating to before 1 April 2022 is not eligible. Anything after this period can be submitted for the next award ceremony in 2025. 

Can I nominate the organisation or group that I am part of for an award?

Yes, as an employee or volunteer you can put forward a cultural organisation or group that you are connected with.

Can I nominate myself for an individual award?

No. For any of the categories where an individual person is being nominated for their personal achievements, nominations should be sent in by a third party. You can still talk to them about the nomination and get any supporting evidence that you need. 

What is included in the definition of culture?

Events, people or organisations from the following fields are eligible: heritage, visual art (including painting, drawing or illustration, sculpture, glasswork, textile art, mixed media), textile design, fashion, music and singing, theatre, performance, dance, film and broadcast media, literature (including poetry, spoken word), digital art, photography, craft and creativity, cultural education, production, direction, other “behind the scenes” roles.

Can I nominate more than once?

You can enter nominations into as many different categories as you like.

However, if you are entering the same nominee into more than one category, do consider if each category is relevant and tailor your nomination information to each specific category.

If you are submitting more than one nominee into the same category, ensure that you do not duplicate information for the nominees.

How will the information I submit be used?

The information submitted in the nomination form will be viewed by the judging panel. For those that progress to the awards ceremony, extracts of the information provided and any images supplied, will be used in the event programme and to introduce the finalist.

When can I submit nominations?

Nominations will be open between 1 April and 22 June 2024. Late nominations cannot be accepted.

What happens if I’m shortlisted?

Notifications will be sent out to shortlisted candidates in July 2024. This will be followed up with additional information regarding the awards ceremony.

If I’m shortlisted and can’t attend the event, can I send someone else in my place.

We know that it might not always be possible through illness or other commitments for shortlisted candidates to attend. If you would like to send someone else to represent you, then that is fine, but do make it clear to the event team. If you cannot attend and do not wish to send a representative, we will make arrangements with you to collect any awards or certification at another time.

I would like to sponsor the event in some way, who can I speak to?

You can contact Cultural Manager Charlotte Steels via

If I have any further questions, who do  I contact?

You can contact Cultural Manager Charlotte Steels via















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