Culture Burnley

Photo credit: Tom Lally.

Culture Burnley


We’ve spoken to over 400 people and organisations across the borough to find out what is important to them. From this we’ve created a new cultural framework that will help us to better celebrate and connect the great things that are already happening, and to grow and deliver more over the next few years with the aim to deliver a Burnley Year of Culture in 2027.

Between now and 2027 we will develop collaborations, cultural initiatives, events, and projects that create opportunities for community involvement and breathe new life into our venues, streets, parks, and public spaces across the borough.

The framework will help us to:

  • Involve more people from the local community in planning and shaping the activities that are delivered
  • Work more closely with schools and youth organisations to create more opportunities for young people
  • Better promote what is happening across the borough
  • Work with others to deliver more, and bigger events
  • Upskill and employ more people
  • Ensure that we are better responding to diverse needs and interests to allow more local people to take part
  • Raise funds to invest in our cultural buildings, organisations and creative individuals.
View the cultural framework here

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