The Mix

Rounders Team

What leagues/days does your team play?

Wednesday League – both indoor and outdoor

Why are you called that?

Sponsor name

Captains’ names


Contact info

How long has the team been playing in the leagues?

Since 2015

Do your team practice/train

We practice every week –

Indoor: Fri/Sat/Sun – St Peter’s Centre

Outdoor: Sat/Sun – Towneley Playing Fields

Who is the team joker?

Kelly John – too explicit for a public forum

Why does your team love playing Rounders in our leagues?

“It’s a fun way of getting exercise and meeting new friends – whilst participating in a competitive league”

“I love the social aspect. We’re near a pub in winter, and there’s a pub onsite in summer – WIN! WIN!”

“It’s an opportunity to be competitive and really push myself as a rounders player”

Social side – add a few examples of the social side of your team.

We love getting together off the pitch and have had numerous outings / get-togethers over the years. York, Afternoon Tea, bowling, Christmas get-togethers at the Captain’s, cocktail evenings, meals out and the pub after games – to name but a few.

Why should a potential new player join your team?

A new player should join our team because…

We love playing rounders!

We have fun at practice!

We have a great time socialising!

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