Team Lite

Rounders Team

What leagues/days does your team play?

Wednesday League – Indoor and Summer

Why are you called that?

Sponsored by a local company

Captains name?

Nicola Hedge

What’s your contact info?

Mobile: 07951 175 985


How long has the team been playing in the leagues?

4 Years

Do your team practice/train? If so, what days/ times/ venue do you train?

We never practice as a team but individually go to organised practice sessions

Who is the team Joker? (a few words about this person and why she is the joker of your team)

Devon Cregg has to be the team joker – she keeps us entertained at all times!

Why does your team love playing Rounders in our leagues? 

I enjoy rounders as there isn’t much running, but nice to get out and about.  Met some fantastic people in the league and enjoy seeing everyone each week. – Louise Cardwell

I play rounders cause I love the social side and the fun side and I’m also exercising whilst I play (hate exercising). I have made so many friends from playing rounders and that’s what it’s all about! – Shelly Heap

I joined a Wednesday team then a Monday team then became captain of my own team then became an umpire!.. met a lot of good friends been on some trips out, nites out.. the league is brilliantly run! Everyone puts so much effort into the league and that’s why I think it’s such a good league.. passion on everyone’s part.. 😘

Social side – add a few examples of the social side of your team – Team night’s out/camping trips/holidays/etc…

We socialise together at league organised events, we also have team parties and barbeques.

Why should a potential new player join your team? Sell your team, what’s the best bit about being part of your team?

We all have a sporting background so as a team we can be quite competitive.  However this does make us very supportive of each other and we still manage to bring the fun element in to each game.

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