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Rounders Team

What leagues/days does your team play?

Summer / Indoor Monday Leagues

Why are you called that?


Captains’ names

Leanne Bailey

Contact info 07812743024

How long has the team been playing in the leagues?

Since Summer 2017

Do your team practice/train

We use the Just Play sessions organised by Getin2Rounders during the Winter, and during the summer league we train at Bullholme playing field, as and when we can.

Who is the team joker?

Our team consists of a number of characters, and every member of our team has their moments. From silly actions, dodgy throwing techniques, and the occasional accidental bottom burp, but no one ever takes anything to serious.

Why does your team love playing Rounders in our leagues?

I set up the team for the summer league of 2017, when the previous team folded.  I had a lot of friends interested in playing, due to my love of the game.  I set up a facebook group and invited everyone that had shown an interest.  I have over 30 people in the group and 14 actually signed up for the summer league.  Rounders enables us to to have a few hours away from the stresses of work and family life, To have some ME time.  10 members of the team, havent played rounders since school, and are now loving the game and the leagues.

Social side – add a few examples of the social side of your team.

We try and meet up occasionally away from the league, and strong friendships have been formed through meeting through rounders.

Why should a potential new player join your team?

Our team consists of a wide variety of ages and abilities, some team members are very competitive, and others play for fun and the social side, but most of all we all play for fun, and to be part of a team.

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