Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Health & Wellbeing Coaching


Our Health and Wellbeing Coaches are experts in behaviour change; they focus on improving health related outcomes by working with people with a pulmonary/respiratory diagnosis. They can provide an effective intervention to set personalised goals and change behaviours to support and improve overall health and wellbeing.


Meet Janet and Ali, our Health and Wellbeing Coaches

My name is Alison Kay

Photos of Janet and Ali stood by the canal

My experience includes Over 30 years fitness instructing which has been in both mainstream industry and the more specialised areas of health and fitness.

I currently deliver physical activity in my spare time, sessions to groups and provide one to one training. This requires my ability to motivate my participants during sessions and help them achieve their fitness goals.

For 20 years I worked with clients with a varying medical condition such as COPD, Heart conditions mobility problems etc. delivering physical activity sessions both in community and in leisure centre. This required me to adapt exercise for individuals as I worked with a wide range of the public including ethnic minority groups and adults with disabilities.

My role now includes working on a 1-1 basis to support people to increase ability to self-manage their respiratory condition, increase motivation levels and commitment to changing their lifestyle. We look into changing behaviours, set personalised goals and focus on improving their health in the community. Helping to live a healthier life and maintain independence with everyday activities.

I am passionate about my work, because I love what I do. In my last role this passion led me to challenge myself daily and learn new skills and help better myself and give me confidence to apply for my new role.

In my spare time, I enjoy walking with my two gorgeous dogs not forgetting the other half at weekend.

I like to keep myself fit doing my classes in the evening, so I can enjoy the good things in life.


Hi, my name is Janet Jenkins Photos of Janet and Ali stood by the canal

I have over twenty years of experience in the fitness industry. I first qualified in Exercise to Music many moons ago. I absolutely love music. It’s a passion of mine doing movement to music. I teach regular classes called Fitsteps which is based on the TV show Strictly Come Dancing, where we do the Swing, Jive, Foxtrot and many more.

I qualified many years ago in L3 Personal Training, I liked it but found I didn’t love it. So, I qualified in L3 Exercise on Referral and L4 Weight Management for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome.  Working with clients who have comorbidities such as strokes, COPD and Diabetes is really my thing. I find it very rewarding seeing clients leave with a smile on their faces, it gives me a real buzz.

I’m also a qualified Fitness Pilates instructor. This too is very rewarding to see client’s balance and mobility improve as each week goes by. Seeing their breathing with movement get easier every week lets me know I’ve done a good job!

I am a mum to two children who are eleven and four years old. They literally keep me on my toes (I swear a silent sensor goes off as soon as I sit down!) but being in this industry is also educating them and keeping them active. Quite regularly I catch my four year old turning pages in my anatomy and physiology looking at the skeleton and talking about your intestines (which is nice whilst trying to eat your breakfast) 😊

In my spare time, I like to read fiction books. I love a good psychological thriller. I also enjoy doing Yoga once the kids are in bed, it helps me to switch off and wind down for bed after a full day of work and that silent sensor going off….

I also like to spend time with my husband watching Netflix with the occasional glass of wine



A patient with a respiratory diagnosis (confirmed or suspected). This includes, but is not limited to: Bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and asthma.

A self-referral can be made by completing the online referral form below. You can also access a programme with a referral from a Primary Care Health Professional. For example: GP, Practice Nurse, or Physio.

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