Door-to-Door Dinos

You can hire our realistic prehistoric dinosaurs, along with highly trained Rangers, for all occasions, including;

  • Birthday parties
  • Launch events
  • Family fun days
  • School and nursery visits

You’ll get to learn all about Burnley’s newest residents, their likes and dislikes, photo opportunities and to stroke them – if you’re brave enough!

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To book, please email or call 01282 664 444 (ext 3252).


Meet our dinos below!

Meet Trevor!

Trevor is our T-Rex.

A 30-minute experience with Trevor costs £200.

Please note: Trevor has special requirements, due to how large he is. He is 2 meters high and 4 meters long, and needs a separate space to climb out of his cage where no one can see him. We’ll need to make sure wherever he is going that he fits into the space provided.


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Meet Pip!

Pip is our baby Pachycephalosaurs.

A 30-minute experience with Pip costs £70.

Meet Topsy!

Topsy is our Triceratops.

A 30-minute experience with Topsy costs £70.

Meet Vinnie!

Vinnie is our Velociraptor.

A 30-minute experience with Vinnie costs £90.

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