Claret Catchers

Rounders Team

What leagues/days does your team play?


Why are you called that?

It was the best we could come up with!

Captains’ names

Luci Bond

Contact info


How long has the team been playing in the leagues?

One season before this current season

Do your team practice/train


Who is the team joker?

We don’t have a certain team joker but we are all game for a laugh and enjoy the banter we have with each other when someone drops a catch…

Why does your team love playing Rounders in our leagues?

“I like to just turn up and play then go home”

“It’s a good laugh”

“It’s a bit of exercise that is more fun than going to the gym”

Social side – add a few examples of the social side of your team.

We don’t get to socialise much. A few of us have kids, ones at school (so she probably wouldn’t want to hang out with a bunch of old ones), a few of us play netball on two other nights, some work funny shifts etc so actually just going to rounders is the social side of things for us!

Why should a potential new player join your team?

If you want to join a set of wingers, who learn of a new rule every time we play because none of us know them fully, play to win but don’t go home and cry if we lose, can knock a base down like it’s your ex’s head, can take a bit of friendly banter and you just like the idea of turning up, playing then going home then that’s basically us…

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