Staying positive and celebrating VE Day 75 at home

The 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday, May 8, is an important time to remember and celebrate the end of the Second World War in Europe in 1945.

It’s also a time to be positive and to recognise the good things in life, despite the current challenges we all face in the current coronavirus lockdown.

Friday, May 8, this year has been named a bank holiday for this special VE Day anniversary. The bank holiday was planned well before the coronavirus lockdown.

Although many VE Day events have been changed because of social distancing, we can still celebrate this important event in history and also recognise the good things that bring us together, then and now.

People across Burnley, the UK and beyond, will be marking the 75th anniversary in many ways at home or from doorsteps, in keeping with the lockdown restrictions.

The VE Day celebrations will mark the huge contribution and sacrifices of millions of people, at home and abroad, during the Second World War. National commemorations will start at 11am on May 8 with a two-minute silence. Activities through the day will include a range of TV broadcasts including a speech by The Queen at 9pm – the same time that her father, King George VI, spoke on national radio in 1945.

But there will be happier, fun activities too – in keeping with the celebrations of May 1945 when peace in Europe was announced. Entertainers from the past and present will be contributing to bank holiday programmes including singers Dame Vera Lyn and Katherine Jenkins.

Both the Queen and Dame Vera have made speeches recently about the coronavirus lockdown. They encouraged people to stay positive and support each other safely despite the hardship and frustrations of lockdown.

In keeping with this positive message, Burnley Leisure sends its best wishes to everyone and will be marking the anniversary too.

Our area has historic links with the armed forces and those links continue today in many ways. Burnley was home to military barracks in the 1800s which were used by various regiments from England, Scotland and Ireland, and also Italy. Later, the barracks became home to the East Lancashire Regiment. Today, Burnley’s modern links with the armed forces continue and include local recruitment, cadet groups and service charities.

In recent decades, help and support for servicemen and women, veterans, military families community has improved. And looking after the community is the central purpose of Burnley Leisure too.

As a charitable leisure trust, we are busy supporting the community through the coronavirus lockdown. Our support includes online resources and videos to help people at home stay well, physically and mentally. And brilliant leisure centre staff on furlough are volunteering to provide practical help to needy people in the community, young and old, including helping with food deliveries.

So, even though our community faces very different challenges now than in 1945, we still rely on each other to help us cope and stay positive.

Let’s remember VE Day but also keep-up our good work on social distancing, hand-washing and other health measures to tackle coronavirus. Keep your celebrations safe!

Remember, Burnley Leisure’s support is ongoing. Explore our website and social media and stay in touch. Share your VE Day celebration photos with us on social media.


Watch our Burnley VE Day remembrance video:


Do as Sergeant Sarah says in her VE Day workout:








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