How to get your kids to eat healthily


We know that getting your kids to get excited about healthy food can be a challenge to say the least!

So, we’ve put together some tried and tested tips and tricks to make your children believe their bowl of salad is the best thing since sliced bread. There are some great recipes at the end to get you started as well.

Leave the pretty shapes for fancy restaurants

Although cutting cucumbers into flowers may get some initial interest from your child of choice, ultimately making things look beautiful is not going to persuade them that it is delicious. A much better tactic is to focus on the taste and work on the aesthetics later.

Give them smaller portions

Although we want to encourage our child to eat lots of vegetables, over-facing them with big plates is going to put anyone off their meal. Start with small portions and give them seconds if they still have room.

Don’t force them to eat what they don’t like

In the same spirit as before, it’s also not going to work in your favour if keep trying to give them the same food. Instead, try and find alternatives that they do like and include with that instead.

For example, perhaps they hate mushrooms but there are loads of other seasonal vegetables they might try. If you’re convinced they simply hate all healthy food, then keep reading – there may be ways to fix that!

Make sure they’re hungry

If your child is a bit peckish, they’ll appreciate the food much more – so cut back the pre-dinner snacking and make sure they’re ready for their meal. This may involve enduring a slightly moody toddler for half an hour, but your reward will be a nice empty plate!

Season generously

It sounds simple but a nice kick of salt and pepper can make a huge difference, so don’t be afraid of seasoning your food well.

Jazz salads up with tasty dressings, add a bit of butter to your vegetables, and spice up your stir fry. A little can go a long way to make a meal more exciting.

Try new things

Sometimes we avoid giving our children things that may be difficult to eat, including spicy food and food that’s not in our everyday diet.

However, it can be surprising finding out just how what our kids actually like and are open to. Keep introducing them to new things, and you might just find a new favourite meal too!


Fancy trying some of these tips out? Here are five easy, healthy recipes to get you started:

Chicken and brown rice one-pot meal – a filling meal that you can make in advance in your slow cooker

Chicken skewers – a super tasty meal that the kids can get involved in making

Egg and veg brunch – and you only need one pan to fill a family

Veggie gnocchi – a quick and easy meal using store-bought gnocchi and your choice of vegetables

Pizza – yes, pizza can be healthy too! This recipe is sure to win any picky eater’s heart


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