Burnley smokers urged to stub it out on No Smoking Day

Burnley Leisure’s Healthy Lifestyles team is backing the national campaign and urges local residents to give up cigarettes for good on No Smoking Day.

Taking place on Wednesday, 9th March, the campaign is an opportunity for people across the country to join together and take the first step to going smoke-free.

While studies show that two-thirds of smokers want to quit, nearly one in five UK adults continue to smoke, including 18 per cent of people living in England.

This year’s campaign is encouraging people to be ‘Proud to be a Quitter, as when it comes to smoking, being a ‘Quitter’ is a good thing.

With support, people are more likely to succeed in their attempt to quit and Healthy Lifestyle team’s help is at hand.

It runs open access community Stop Smoking Clinics, which provide advice, support and motivation to help people stop smoking and stay smoke-free long-term.

Cheryl Goodman, healthy lifestyles officer at Burnley Leisure, said: “We understand that the majority of smokers want to stop smoking, but many find the task too daunting. No Smoking Day is the perfect opportunity to inspire smokers in Burnley to quit for good.

“With support, smokers are more likely to succeed in their quit attempt. That is why we encourage local residents to get in touch with us or call in one of our Stop Smoking Clinics and take the first step to becoming smoke-free.”

The clinics take place on Monday from5.30pm-6.45pm at the St Peter’s Health Centre and at Yorkshire Street Medical Centre every Wednesday from 4.30-5.45pm.

For more information about Stop Smoking Clinics, contact Healthy Lifestyles team on 01282 477134 or email healthylifestyles@burnley.gov.uk.

The annual campaign is run by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and encourages hundreds of thousands of smokers to make a quit attempt on No Smoking Day.

Dr Mike Knapton, Associate Medical Director at the BHF, said: “Giving up smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health, and that’s why the British Heart Foundation runs No Smoking Day. We’re encouraging smokers to mark Wednesday 9 March in their calendars, and take the first step towards a smoke-free life.”

To receive information and support on stopping smoking visit nosmokingday.org.uk and join the conversation of Twitter using the hashtag #NoSmokingDay.

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