Ask Twice Beer at Burnley Mechanics

Six Connections and Moorhouse's Brewery's Conversation Starter

This month, Burnley Mechanics have decided to stock a new beer, 3.8%ABV bitter with hints of amber and salted caramel malts. However, although it may just look like a normal bottle of beer, Ask Twice has a bigger and better meaning behind it all. Ask Twice was created by partnering with Moorhouse’s Brewery to beat the stigma and encourage for more people to have these supportive conversations in settings such as the local bars and pubs.

Six connections, founded by Dave Scholes, is a mental health organisation created after the loss of his best friend to suicide. It was created to help break the silence and stigma towards mental health to encourage real conversations, sometimes good and sometimes not so good between family and friends. At Six connections, they help connect the dots and start to have honest conversations about mental health with the belief that one conversation can have a chain reaction and start six more life changing conversations.

The beer helps support those who may be struggling with QR codes linking to the website placed on the beer pump clip, bottle, and beer mat for everyone to access. The website offers a range of conversation starters, help and advice as well as real, inspiring stories indicating how important these conversations can be.

The founder of Six Connections explained: “With the backing of Moorhouse’s Brewery, we are taking our #PoweredByMates message into bars and homes. A trusted product carrying a vital message seems like the perfect connection to us”.

Burnley Mechanics support the need for and importance of the supportive conversations between friends and family and stock Ask Twice to support Six Connections and their mission.

Burnley Mechanics Bistro is open Tuesday- Saturday 11am – 2:30pm




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