8 awesome ways to kick start weight loss

Eating well is key to losing weight and feeling your best.  Take a look at these 8 fantastic tips to get you on your way! 


  1. Eat regular meals– Plan your meals and have regular mealtimes.  This will help you eat healthier and stop you snacking in between meals. Starting the day with breakfast is particularly important. 
  2. Eat your 5-a-day Fruit and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals which your body needs to keep healthy. There are different ways to get your five a day: fresh, frozen, dried, juiced or tinned, preferably in juice or water.  
  3. Cut down on fatty foods and avoid saturated fat– Fats and oils are high in calories. Avoid saturated fats where possible, as they can raise the amount of cholesterol in your blood.  
  4. Be aware of portion sizes Use smaller plates or bowls for your meals. A small plate full of food will make you feel like you’re filling up rather than a large plate that’s half empty.  Resist the temptation of second and third helpings and if your plate is looking a bit empty, fill it up with vegetables. 
  5. Eat less salt Too much salt can increase your risk of high blood pressure, which increases your risk of coronary heart disease. The recommended amount of salt for adults is 6g a day (about a teaspoon). Most of the salt we eat is ‘hidden’ in foods so always check the labels.  
  6. Eat more fish Oily fish such as salmon, sardines and pilchards contain omega-3 fats which can help keep your heart healthy. You should try to have one or two portions of oily fish a week.  
  7. Think before you drink Drinking is an important part of keeping healthy so aim for around 6 to 8 drinks a day  Avoid fizzy drinks full of sugar and remember too much alcohol can be harmful to your health.  
  8. Savvy Shopping To help you make healthier choices when you are shopping, always write a list, check the labels and avoid those tempting offers on unhealthy foods.  

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