Burnley are part of the new Active Lifestyle Hub for Pennine Lancashire, covering Burnley, Pendle, Ribble Valley, Hyndburn, Rossendale and Blackburn with Darwen.

We have been commissioned to deliver Health Programmes, including the Up & Active Exercise Referral Scheme, Healthy Weight and Community Cardiac Rehabilitation.  All programmes are 12 weeks and offer a variety of physical activity.

The various classes take place at a range of times during the week and are on offer at different venues including St Peter’s and Padiham leisure centres, Prairie Sports Village, Burnley Mechanics, Offshoots Community Garden, Gannow Community Centre, Jinnah Centre and Barden Athletics Track.

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How to access the Up and Active Service

Self-Referral – please contact us on 01282 477134 to speak to one of the Advisors.

Health Professional Referral – please make an appointment with your Health Professional to discuss suitability.  Your Health Professional will send a referral form to the Active Lifestyles Hub and an advisor will then make contact will you.

We now have a Recommendation form for professionals wanting to begin a self-referral on behalf of a client.

Contact the team for general enquiries on – 01282 477127

Click on the tabs below to find out more about our individual programmes.

The Up & Active Exercise Referral programme is a 12-week structured course of physical activity. Exercise options include chair-based exercise, group health walks, low level circuit, supervised gym, swimming, Stretch & Tone with relaxation and the FeelGood Room. Each session has a charge of £2 during the 12 weeks. We ask a minimum attendance of one session a week.

To be eligible for this programme you must be at least 16 years old, inactive and have one or more health conditions. Conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, musculoskeletal problems or injuries, or mental health issues such as anxiety or depression.

This programme can be accessed through a self-referral by telephoning 01282477134 or a referral from a Health Professional, for example – GP, Practice Nurse, Physio.


Up & Active Exercise Referral Timetable

Exercise Referral Timetable Jan 2022


Useful links and resources:

Online exercise classes for individuals with health conditions

Walking for health – exercise guidance

Using exercise to look after your mental health

Arthritis Research Keep Moving booklet

Up and Active Client Journey’s:

  • Philip is feeling very fit after attending the programme.  He was recovering from back surgery and his goal is now to get fitter.
  • Graham has better fitness after attending.  He feels much healthier and is looking forward to a more active life.
  • Valerie has a higher level of fitness and a happier disposition.  She is feeling happier and more agile.  She now walks faster and further and now feels better about herself.
  • Susan has lost weight and feels more toned, she also feels much fitter.  She feels stronger and takes part in more things.  She thinks it is nice to be able to go on walks and exercise without being short of breath.
  • Nina has better mobility and balance as a result of attending a programme.  She feels more energetic and is now more active.
  • Gareth has achieved more movement on the programme.  He feels better from meeting new people and he can now join in with new groups.
  • Dennis has improved his fitness, which has in turn helped with his breathing and overall health and happiness.  He feels like he can do a lot more active things and he also feels stronger and healthier.

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A 12-week structured programme of progressive exercise and health education for people who have recently had a heart attack or heart surgery. Exercise options include group health walks, low level group activity, supervised gym, plus group health education. The cost of the programme is £30 for the 12 weeks.

This programme is only accessed via a referral from a Cardiac Nurse or Health Professional.

Useful links and resources:

British Heart Foundation guide to understanding risk factors

British Heart Foundation guide to conditions, tests and treatments

Heart MATTERS Magazine – British Heart Foundation magazine: a fantastic collection of information, inspiration and support

BLC Healthy Weight Programmes – 12-weeks of weigh loss support.

There are a number of classes and courses to choose from when deciding on the type of support you’d like.


Please see short descriptions of the FREE Healthy Weight programmes below.

Healthy Weight Classes – a weigh-in and a weekly healthy eating workshop. Set start and finish time.

Healthy Weight Weigh-in – a weigh-in with motivational advice.  Call in at any point during the session.

Healthy Weight-Drop-in a weigh-in with time to discuss progress with an instructor.  Call in at any point during the session.

Healthy Weight Course – a 12-week programme that starts and finishes with the same people and includes a weigh-in, weekly workshop, and physical activity. Set start and finish time.

To be eligible you must be at least 18 years old and have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30+

BMI Calculator


You will be eligible to access a selection of leisure activities for a one-off fee of £30 whilst on your 12-week programme.


Any programme can be accessed with a self-referral by telephoning 01282 477134 or completing the Online Weight Management Registration form either online or downloading it here and emailing it to info@upandactive.co.uk.

Complete Online Form

You can also access a programme with a referral from a Health Professional.  For example – GP, Practice Nurse or Physio.

Weight Loss & Healthy Weight Timetable

Healthy Weight Timetable Jan 2022


View our healthy recipe inspiration >

Business Health Matters – A successful business begins with a healthy team


Business Health Matters is a ground-breaking programme that aims to build a healthier workforce across Lancashire, and beyond.

The first of its kind in the country, the Business Health Matters programme supports local businesses in improving the physical and mental health of their employees so that staff are happier, healthier and more resilient. Healthier working-aged individuals, who are given opportunities to upskill, remain in employment and live longer, happier lives.


Businesses benefit from this with increased productivity and sustained workforces, resulting in reduced absence costs and lower staff turnover rates.

The project is made up of 2 main projects:

Workplace Health Champion Training – A free offering that delivers basic skills training, accredited Level 2 and 3 training to employees in SMEs. The training is delivered by Active Lancashire and a number of partners (via a tutor workforce).

Workplace Health Screenings – Health screenings (physical and mental) are delivered in the workplace by trained gym and leisure staff. Businesses are further supported tailored wellbeing packages based on the outcomes of the screenings.


For more information and to register visit www.businesshealthmatters.org.uk

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