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Rounders Team

What leagues/days does your team play?

Monday Summer, Wednesday Winter

Why are you called that?

Husbands Business (Sponsor)

Captain’s name

Ang Sumner

Contact info,  07808 832 037

How long has the team been playing in the leagues?

3 x summer, 1st winter

Do your team practice/train


Who is the team joker?

No-one, really.

Why does your team love playing Rounders in our leagues?

I like to see others enjoy the sport and get back into a sport they haven’t done for years.

I play at school and enjoy it.

Gives me a chance to see people I never get time to see, even if it is only in passing.

It is a hour break from my hectic life and some me time.

Social side – add a few examples of the social side of your team.

None, we are all quite private people and have busy lives away from rounders.

Why should a potential new player join your team?

Because we are not bothered if we win or lose, we are not that competitive that if we make mistakes you won’t be frowned upon and will still be asked to come back the week after.

It’s time for you and to escape everyday busy lives for a hour or so and have a giggle.

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