Sit & Get Fit

Sit & Get Fit


Our centres may be shut, but that doesn’t mean we have stopped being committed to the community’s fitness and wellness. If this guide is not suitable for you, why not share it or print it off for someone who you think will benefit!

The following gentle chair exercises are designed to aid your mobility, prevent falls, and keep you active whilst at home. Try and complete this routine at least twice a week and build up reps as you feel comfortable.

All you need is a stable chair which you are able to sit on with, with your feet flat and knees bent at a right angle. Preferably the chair will not have arms that could restrict your movement.


Chair marches – targets the hips and thighs

  1. Sit up straight and hold onto the sides of the chair if you feel you need to. If not, use your arms in timing with your feet.
  2. Slowly and controlled, march your left foot on the floor five times
  3. Repeat with the right leg
  4. Repeat exercise for as many reps as feels comfortable



Ankle stretch – promotes blood circulation and improves ankle flexibility

  1. Sit back and hold onto sides of the chair
  2. Lift your left leg off the floor
  3. Point your toes and flex them back
  4. Repeat five times and then move on to your right leg
  5. Aim for at least two reps on each leg



Arm raises – improves shoulder strength and mobility

  1. Sit upright in your chair
  2. Place arms out with palms facing forwards
  3. Raise both arms up as far as you can and back down again
  4. Repeat at least 5 times
  5. Ensure your shoulders are lowered and not tense during this exercise




Neck rotation – improves the flexibility of the neck

  1. Sit upright and face forward, ensure the shoulders are lowered and relaxed
  2. Look to the left, hold for five seconds
  3. Return to the centre then look to the right, hold for five seconds
  4. Repeat 3 times



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