Family Yoga

Do something different with your family this evening

Do something different this evening and try our family yoga night! We’ve provided a mini workout plan perfect for you and the children to enjoy together.


Yoga is becoming increasingly popular not just because of its mental and physical health benefits, but because it is an accessible form of exercise for all ages. It can be modified to suit any skill level – so children can get involved as well as adults!

Physically, practising yoga improves flexibility, strength and protection from injury. Mentally it can help people manage stress better and get a better nights’ sleep. So grab your kids and let’s bend, stretch and balance our way into tomorrow with this relaxing evening yoga session.

Before you start

Get into the zone and get your children prepared for the session as well.

Put on some calming tunes such as this Spotify playlist.

You don’t need a mat to have a great workout, but find yourself a comfortable and roomy area to sit down. Start by closing your eyes and doing some calming breaths together until you feel relaxed and ready.

Your Yoga Routine

1. The Pebble on the Rock

This is a nice one to start with a small child – or take it in turns if you have more than one child having a go!

Start in a child’s pose and sit your child on top of your back in a child’s pose too, with their arms over your shoulders. Wrap your hands around your back so that they are supported and give them a cuddle.



2. Cat and kitten

Following on from this first pose, if your child is small enough, bring yourself up on all fours with the child still on your back. (If they’re big kids then they can sit next to you and copy you instead.) Do some cat/cows by arching your back and rounding it to give yourself a good stretch.



3. Frog pose

Continuing the animal theme, this is one bound to get you giggling. Simply put your feet shoulder width apart and squat down as far as you can go with your hands together. With younger children, you can make it more fun by adding some jumps and ribbits in there too. For an older crowd, try slowly rising into a standing position and lowering yourself again to work out your legs.


4. Tree pose

Test your balance with the tree pose. Simply stand on one leg and put the other as high as you can against the inside of your shin or thigh. Stay there as long as you can, and once you’ve done, swap legs. Make it into a competition and see how much you all improve!



5. Double boat

This one is best for people of similar sizes, such as with older children or two siblings together. Sit facing each other and put your feet together. Hold hands and let your natural weight give you both a good stretch across your back and shoulders.


6. Double downward dog

You didn’t think you could get out of downward dog just because your children are involved did you? For this one, the tallest person starts their downward dog and the smaller person puts their hands near to the other person’s feet and their legs resting on top of your back. You both will be able to make silly faces at each other while you’re upside down.



7. Happy baby

We all know this one! Laying on your back with your knees bent, holding your feet. Rock from side to side for a little back massage.



8. Savasana

Perfect for bedtime, a savasana (or shavasana) is a term used for having a little nap after your exercise session. Lay down on your back and relax your arms and legs. Focus on relaxing each body part at a time until you feel completely at ease: at least for a minute but you can stay there for as long as you want.


Well done!

Congratulations, you’ve finished your session! Let us know if you’ve enjoyed your family yoga night and what pose was your favourite. Check out all our home workouts here.

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