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Say hello to your new online experience with Burnley Leisure. Find things to do, classes, shows, activities, venues, places to eat and more via our new website to open up a world of fun and entertainment.


Find everything you need grouped by your interests and needs

An easy to use search functionality which gets you where you want to quickly (give it a try above!)

Simply type in the search box and see results appearing in the drop down to select from. Not sure what you’re looking for and want to browse? Click enter or press the magnifying glass to browse search results.

Viewing our timetables couldn’t be easier!

To view the timetable, click ‘Timetables’ in top menu, or click on the ‘Timetable’ button within an activity page. On mobile, you’ll see a button at the bottom of your phone to take you to the timetables page. Once there, you can browse by centre, by day, by AM or PM or by activity!


Book a class or activity at the click of a button

Looking to book an activity or class? You can either click the ‘book class’ button in the timetable (see above) or you can use our easy to find Book/Join button at the top of the page on both mobile and desktop! Click on what you’d like to book and you’ll be sent straight to our booking sites!


Need to ask a question? Easy to find contact details, FAQs and a contact form will help you find the answer you need.


Browse through our exciting shows at the Burnley Mechanics Theatre, grouped by genre.


Now it’s your time to explore the whole new world of Burnley Leisure, enjoy!

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